What Would You Prefer: Trekking or Sports?

Both trekking and sports have different benefits, so let’s compare the benefits & then leave it on you, which one you choose.

First we will talk about Trekking, which is an amazing physical activity.

Benefits of Trekking


There are a number of benefits, both mental & physical, that you get when you go through amazing treks.

  1. Improved Overall Fitness:- Regularly going for tough treks means you are improving your physical fitness immensely as trekking helps you burn around 400-600 calories per hour. It is a great way to lose weight and work on your whole body. You will see an increase in flexibility, strength, agility and cardio fitness.
  2. Reduced Stress Level:- According to research, stress & anxiety can immensely be reduced by exposure to nature. And with trekking, a person needs to focus on an activity, stress automatically takes the back seat. In short, you will feel relaxed after a good trek.
  3. Skill Development:- Trekking requires management as you need to plan for trekking, set your targets, organize your schedules, learn how to adapt and develop. So, you will develop good management skills and it will be helpful for you in your life on both personal & professional level.
  4. Motivation:- While trekking you will spend tons of time with other members of your group coming from different fields, having worked hard in their lives, so you will create lifelong bondings as well as get motivated from their journey’s. So trekking can be a good way to get motivation and create strong bonding’s.

Trekking posses great physical, mental & social benefits, but wait, are we done here?

No! Let’s check benefits of playing sports.

Benefits of Sports


Playing individual sports like squash, lawn tennis, pickleball, badminton, swimming does a lot good to your brain as well as body.

  1. Enhances Physical Fitness:- Sports like squash, swimming has immense physical benefits as it not only improves your cardiovascular system but it will reduce the chances of many diseases like cancer. Your body will get stronger & fitter, you will feel confident.
  2. Mental Development:- Playing sports does not only helps you stay physically fit, but you will also develop great mental fitness as you need to compete in sports which means you will be under pressure to perform & take quick action, also winning & losing will help you become mentally strong.
  3. Failure Acceptance:- One great thing that you will learn while playing sports is to accept your failure as eventually, you will be losing games which will help you learn, how to accept, adapt and come back with stronger skills.

Sports has its own benefits, so it’s on you which one of these you like. I would suggest both if you can as it will best benefit your personal growth.

Which Treks & Sports I Suggest?

I am no one to suggest you anything, but I personally love John Muir Trail (California), although you can find great treks depending on which country you live as every country in this world has some great treks.

When it comes to Sports, I love Squash & swimming, it keeps me fit, healthy and I enjoy competing. By the way, You can start playing squash by getting some of the best squash racquets from here (just a suggestion as I got my racquet from the same place).

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